An Invitation to Participate... Across the Universe

Some of you know I have a deep love for the Beatles. I grew up hearing their unmistakable melodies bounce off the walls of my home in West Nashville. The first song I learned on guitar was their version of “Twist and Shout." They were the reason I even wanted to pick up a guitar. When I started writing songs in middle school I wanted them to sound like Beatles' songs.

I think listening to a band that iconic made me want to create music that spoke deeply to others the way the Beatles did to me. It wasn’t just the words. It was the carefully crafted melodies that took me on a journey with every song. Every note felt so intentional - like it fulfilled its purpose by the end.

On a deeper level, as an artist (and a human!), I often struggle with my purpose. Am I living intentionally? Am I creating things that matter? Am I serving the greater good? Giving humanity something valuable?

I want to matter. I want my songs to matter. Creating something that speaks to you and gives you permission to be a human is important to me.

How does this relate to Across the Universe?

“Sounds of laughter, shades of life
Are ringing through my opened ears
Inciting and inviting me”

I can’t say for certain what they were thinking when they penned these lyrics, but to me, this has always been an invitation. An invitation to see the world, hear the world, and participate in a larger story. There’s so much beauty if we can only open our eyes and our ears.

As an artist, I always want to be aware of what the people around me need to hear. To serve them through creating music that reminds them of the beauty there is in this life, even though parts of it are often so dark.

I also hope you know that this isn't just a call for "artists" to fulfill. Each of us, every day, has the opportunity to make decisions and participate in the world around us in a way that makes it more beautiful.