The Love I Really Need... Stupid Deep

Excited to share the 1st of 5 cover videos recorded at Secret Genius Studios by Spotify in Nashville, TN! This one is Stupid Deep by Jon Bellion. This song is incredible!

Here are some thoughts I had based on the lyrics of this song.


I’m a thinker. Feeling is really hard for me. I can think of the emotion that I should be feeling, but that’s usually about as far as it goes for me.

When I heard the song “Stupid Deep” it gave me a new appreciation for the deep longing and need of my heart. I struggle to have words for the love that I need, and it’s almost comical that “stupid” has been the best way I’ve heard it described.

In response to that, this is what I imagine the love we need is:

It’s gentle. Kind in the way it communicates.

Its words bring life, not death.

It gives space where space is needed and comes in close when intimacy is needed.

It doesn’t push.

It doesn’t shame.

Doesn’t use words like useless.

It doesn’t leave when I don’t meet expectations.

It keeps holding on even when I try to run.

It knows me - inside and out. And even then, still chooses me fiercely.

I want to know love.

To feel the hand on my shoulder that steadies me.

To hear “you’re ok” when that couldn’t feel further from the truth.

To see it provide in ways that I never believed it could.

To know - at my deepest core - that I belong.

That though I feel shattered, I’m actually whole. I’ve been made whole.

And the hole - the one that often feels like it’s eating me from the inside out - it’s just a symptom of how badly I need that love. The reminder that I’m human.

And I need that love to meet me every single day. Every single hour. Every single minute.