Changing My Name to Frankie Orella

So you might have noticed a name change. But why?

I was born Lora Francesca Barranco but was called "Frankie" from birth. So yes, I have identity issues... just kidding... mostly. But that's how people know me - Frankie.

When I started writing and recording music as a teenager, I released music under Frankie Barranco, without giving it a second thought. When I got married in 2015, I took my husband's last name which legally made me Lora Barranco Holleman. See a problem? I had to drop the name "Francesca" if I wanted my husband's name, which meant dropping the name that everyone called me. So I had to go through the beautiful legal process of changing my first name from Lora to Francesca. When I decided to release more music in 2016 I assumed it was best to release under Frankie Barranco for consistency. Fun story, but why the change?

Names are powerful. We don't think about it much because we usually don't have much choice. But when creating a brand as an artist, I have a choice. I wanted to create a name that represented my brand, but also gave me separation from who I was as an every day person. It's a "stage name" which helps me separate who I am from what I create. Frankie Barranco is the name I grew up with, and therefore, a childhood memory.

Frankie Orella is a better name for who I have become and want to be as an artist. Orella is an Italian name with Latin origin that translates as "speaking woman" and "divine message." I'm not claiming to be divine, but I have a lot more to "speak" through the music I create. Frankie Barranco is the voice of a child who wasn't allowed to speak her mind. Frankie Orella is the voice of a woman who wants to use her voice to create meaningful music.

There is more to announce over the next few months, but for now, enjoy the recent music released and thank you for making this transition with me.